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UNIFIED SPORTS at Rowan College 

Dedicated to pro​moting social inclusion through shared sports training an​d competition experiences,  Unifie​d Sports ​joins people with and without physical and intellectual disabilities on the same team. It was inspired by a simple prin​ciple: training together and playing together is a quick path to friendship and understanding. ​​​

Rowan College ​​​hosts Unified Sports year round, with a different sport being played for each season. Soccer is played in the fall, basketball is played in the winter, and kickball is played in the spring. Games are played every Friday​ from 12 to 1:15pm.​​ The first day for Fall 2019 Unified Sports is Friday, September 13th.


How to Get Involved

If you are interested in participating at Unified Sports at Rowan College at Gloucester County, please email​.​​​​

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"Unified Sports had a blast this soccer season we had some awesome come backs and the chemistry on the field was like no other. Starting our season, we picked up some great assets to our growing unified team! Antar Leek, Kage Lyles, and John Smitheman brought their fighting faces to the start of this season. Our returning players dominated the field like always. Jason MacEwen, Sam Marx, and Vince Niederman were our star shooters of the season, making every shot they toke. Even with a rusty knee you would always see Robby Wildrick putting his heart and soul into every game. Can’t forget our star goalie Alex Park, nothing can get past him. He may not have always been playing on the field but our biggest supporter Justin Aquino made sure everyone was motivated and ready to play. We love watching our players grow on the field Nick Aquino and Zachary Mellet improved so much throughout the season. We faced some disappointment when our all star team did not have the chance to participate in the Shriver cup due to rain, but we are fierce and fired up for next year! Watch out New Jersey!

Starting our preseason for basketball Natalie Feriozzi had some minor shoe malfunctions that the team was able to stride past, she was also presented our athlete of the fall season award! Go Natalie! We also had some huge come backs with Hunter Zinger returning to tear up the court with his amazing shooting skills. We can’t forget about our other alumni returning player Mike Edwards who may not have been here last year but trust me he is definitely here to stay.

For the upcoming basketball season make sure to keep a close eye on cherry picker Chris Beck.  We are proud to say that RCGC basketball coach Anthony Laube will be keeping everyone in line and teaching them proper technique on how to dominate the game. Make sure you come out and support the team!

Thanks to all who participated and the Department of Athletics and Dr. Keating for their continued support!"

-Madison Mulcahy, RCGC Unified Sports Club President

- Raymond Wos & Zach Carr, Leadership Positions